WAVE system celebrates premiere


New key and data management received great attention at bfp-Fuhrpark FORUM

Strong performance at the Nürburgring: We presented our new solution for key and data management to the public for the first time at the bfp-Fuhrpark FORUM – and raised interest in WAVE among specialists from the fleet and delivery industry.

Our innovative technology allows vehicles to be opened and closed via an app. With only one physical key, an unlimited number of persons can be granted access to the vehicle. The system can also record and manage telemetry data.

WAVE system: more flexibility and high efficiency

The visitors were especially interested in the fact that no installation is required for initialization. "Our non-invasive system makes it possible to equip vehicles spontaneously: Simply place the WAVE Box with the vehicle key into the vehicle, insert the dongle and the vehicle and user are registered in the portal. This brings a significant level of freedom and flexibility to fleet management. It also makes the system reusable, so to say," Paul Meier, Head of WITTE Digital, explains. The security of the WAVE System was a special focus during the technical discussions – and convinced the trade visitors. "Security is a crucial criterion for customers in the digital world," Product Manager Christian Goldschmidt emphasizes. "The WAVE System meets the highest standards for data security and encryption technology. This has also been confirmed by external experts."

WITTE Digital: strong performance and great feedback

Wherever several people use or supply different vehicles, the WAVE System can optimize the processes – from company fleets and carsharing fleets to overnight deliveries and CEP service providers. The feedback from the specialists was accordingly positive: "The digital revolution changes fleet management. Digital key assignment and digital data management are becoming a standard, from large companies to small enterprises. It was our objective to make the work of fleet managers in a variety in companies easier with the WAVE System," Meier highlights. "The feedback at the FORUM reassures us that we are on the right track with our concept. We are pleased with the successful start at the Nürburgring – and are looking forward to many more exciting discussions. A big thank you to all visitors at our stand!"

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