The future of mobility and logistics

Digital ecosystems and advanced solutions for digital vehicle access

Digital transformation of mobility & logistics

Sustainable mobility solutions for companies through connected fleets

By utilising digital ecosystems, we connect and design innovative solutions based on digital principles and technologies. Within a comprehensive framework, we offer customised applications to implement sustainable logistics and mobility solutions for companies and customers. Our goal is to drive the digitalisation and integration of your fleets seamlessly with your business.

flinkey – our solution for digital key management

As a provider of sharing, rental, logistics or telematics applications, flinkey provides you with a framework to further streamline your fleet processes with “digital keys” and at the same time optimise the customer journey for your customers.


In-Van-Delivery & Return – Smart car boot delivery

Optimise your logistics processes: Our smart car boot delivery enables efficient and safe delivery directly to your vehicle – overnight. Start immediately with all the materials and tools you need, without losing time for delivery pick-up and drop-off.


Effective solutions through data-driven approaches

Digital construction kit

Develop customised digital and sustainable solutions for your company – benefit from the diversity of data!

Increase your potential with the help of our applications and optimise your mobility and logistics concepts sustainably.


Our Automotive DNA

As a division of WITTE Automotive GmbH, we offer you trustworthy and secure handling of our and your solutions – because this is in our DNA.

With digital solutions, we expand physical opening and closing into a holistic concept – for interactions between vehicles, customers, employees and processes.


Digital Mobility


Unite the entire world of digital mobility in a comprehensive ecosystem.

Take advantage of secure data exchange and effortlessly discover innovative digital business models with us.



Unleash your digital potential with us

Would you like to optimise your logistics and mobility sustainably and digitally? We invite you to join our digital ecosystem philosophy and work with us to implement pioneering mobility and logistics solutions.

Contact us and let us put the keys to the future of mobility & logistics in your hands together.