flinkey solution

Digital key management with flinkey

Expand your system for digital vehicle access with the customised flinkey solution. We offer you manufacturer-independent use without any conversion and simple integration thanks to our API & SDKs.

The advantages of the flinkey Box at a glance

The flinkey Box – a simple integrated digital solution!

The flinkey box is quick and easy to install – simply insert the key, close the box and place it in the car.

The flinkey Box secures vehicle keys and can be used for vehicles with and without keyless go function.

No internet connection is required for connectivity, as the flinkey Box is controlled via a secure and automated Bluetooth connection.

With the flinkey solution, neither keys nor systems are damagedthe value of the vehicle is retained.

Seamless “over the air” integration with telematics devices from leading manufacturers.

High level of customizability thanks to exchange kits and “custom commands” for complex rental or logistics processes.

Use the flinkey Box in 3 steps:

  1. Insert the key into the flinkey Box, lock the flinkey Box and place it in the vehicle.
  2. Assign the digital key or have it assigned automatically by a fleet manager.
  3. Done: The vehicle can now be locked and unlocked using the authorized person’s smartphone app.

Explore our flinkey Box:


Effective battery management

  • Battery life: ~1 year
  • USB-C port for charging
  • Battery status in BLE feedback

Precise mechanics

  • Developed according to automotive standards
  • Already supports more than 100 vehicle keys, is constantly being expanded

Placement in the vehicle

  • Flexible placement in the vehicle interior depending on the vehicle model
  • Examples: Glove compartment, under the seats, trunk
  • Compact dimensions (164x140x61mm)

Wireless, encrypted BLE connectivity

  • Using our flinkey app or our SDK (integrated in native app for iOS & Android)
  • For remote access (OTA) there are integrations with many types of telematics devices – please contact us

Lockable drawer

  • For storing the key and fuel card
  • Drawer can remain locked separately from the vehicle opening

Security and data for your processes

  • Optional functions for signal suppression
  • Key recognition for secure booking termination

Explore further flinkey box features:

The “Key Fob Power Control” variant can be used to control the power supply for the key and thus deactivate the push-to-start function in the event of theft, for example.

In the near future, exchange kits will make it possible to convert the flinkey boxes to a different key type. This means that the boxes can be used for different vehicles and remain in use for as long as possible.

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