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Your digital solution for efficient material and parts logistics
Our system enables smooth and safe delivery directly to your vehicle – overnight. This smart car boot delivery ensures an immediate start to work with all the materials and tools you need, without losing time picking up and dropping off deliveries.


One vision – one goal

We create the basis for an intelligent process to ensure time-efficient deliveries in spare parts logistics. Our mission is to enable our customers and partners to achieve greater efficiency, better user experiences, time savings and the expansion of thier service offering. To achieve this, we utilise digital technologies that are constantly evolving together with our customers.

CarControl is an expert for fleet management and logistics solutions from Hamburg.


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WITTE:digital is a division of WITTE Automotive GmbH, an expert in vehicle access systems. Our 125-year history stands for trust and long-term partnerships.


Your digital access solution

Thanks to our deep integrations, overnight suppliers can focus on what they do best, while we take care of the rest.

With our driver app, service technicians are always informed to deliver easily and safely

Our webapp provides fleet managers with complete transparency over every step of the delivery process

The flinkey box serves as an installation-free, smart key box

Your key box for the vehicle

The current technology that enables vehicle access is the flinkey box, which is placed in the vehicle without the need for installation. And in such a way that no delivery service can access the key. Use the flinkey Box as a smart key safe. It is not necessary to hand in the 2nd key.

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Equipped for the future!

With 125 years of company history, we are experts in the field of vehicle access. As soon as vehicles can be reliably opened directly with a smartphone/scanner (~from 2027), our solution will also be available to you without the flinkey box.

Transparent prices

Our pricing structures are clear, transparent and offer options to suit the needs of service fleets and logistics partners. Contact us and find the perfect pricing model for your company.


What our partners & customers say

Trust is key in our industry. Read how we have helped our customers improve their delivery processes:

With the targeted IDR solution from WITTE and CarControl, we could take on more orders, allowing us to concentrate on our core business. We could also satisfy our customers even better and win new customers thanks to the attractiveness and full-service approach of the solution.

Benjamin Mäße
Head of Sales Night Star Express

The “Smart Infrastructure Supply Chain Logistics” pilot project between Siemens AG and WITTE Digital in Stuttgart tested vehicle boot deliveries using the flinkey Box. The project was successful and led to time and efficiency gains in deliveries, a reduced risk of theft and simplified key management.

Siemens AG
Siemens AG

Networked ecosystems

Frequently asked questions:

1. How does digital vehicle access work?

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3. How do the price models differ?

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WITTE:digital und CarControl

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