Driver Coaching App of WITTE:digital & Mercedes Benz

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From 01.09.2022 to 06.09.2022, Mercedes-Benz presented a new Driver Coaching App with its technology carrier SUSTAINEER at the SHIFT Mobility in Berlin, which was developed as a demonstrator in a first step with the help of WITTE:digital.

In recent years, topics around optimal fuel consumption, optimised route planning including charging options – especially in electric mobility – have become increasingly relevant. It is well known that if you accelerate often and a lot, you increase the fuel consumption of your vehicle. However, the topic is more complex than it appears at first glance. In addition to the way the vehicle is used, especially driving behaviour, other factors such as the load, the operating conditions, and the type of vehicle body as well as climatic and topographical factors also have an impact on energy consumption. The interaction then transfers to the economic efficiency of a vehicle or the entire fleet – especially in the area of commercially used fleets, these issues play a major role.

Due to these challenges, Mercedes-Benz Vans and WITTE have worked together to find a way to make it easier for commercial fleets to use electric vehicles and to combat this major obstacle. The concept is to collect vehicle data and analyse it in combination with environment and driver data. The entire solution is designed to be used in accordance with data protection regulations. In addition, the data can be passed on to the fleet management. Optionally, the drivers can be made anonymous in order to meet the data protection requirements of the respective companies. This means that, if necessary, no conclusions can be drawn about individuals. In future, the mobile application will use the available data to determine a score for the efficiency and sustainability of the fleet. Based on the score, the application then decides which tips and measures can be suggested to the driver to optimize his driving behaviour and achieve a higher score. In addition, a daily evaluation can be viewed in the application, which shows the detailed assessment of the current day. A history also provides orientation on how one’s own driving behaviour has developed over a longer period of time. The score can also be sustainably increased by means of various recommended training courses. In addition to the driving behaviour analysis, the optimal route that leads to the lowest battery consumption should be suggested to the driver. By means of an application from ITK Engineering GmbH, which will be integrated into the Driver Coaching application, possible charging stops will be displayed, which can optimize the range of the vehicle.



A concept is currently being presented as a demo application in the Mercedes-Benz SUSTAINEER. The solution is currently under development and cannot yet be purchased. The concept aims to facilitate the transformation to electrically powered commercial vehicles.



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