flinkey – the digital index finger in Dublin

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“Making Data Spaces even better with new security features” is the mission of the truzzt Alliance, which presented the state-of-the-art Data Space for Mobility at the 10th IoT Week in Dublin on June 21st. An important component of the presentation was the flinkey box, with its ability to open and close vehicles via Bluetooth. The box was meant to illustrate that all digital components, starting with data spaces, can already be implemented and are not just an idea.

The flinkey box is presented live as a practical use case during the presentation: The Sharing Key & Edge Device for cars, developed by WITTE:digital, was recently integrated into orbiter’s Mobility Data Space (MDS).

As a secure way to open and close vehicles, flinkey represents a first real use case that can be used within the MDS. The presentation in Dublin started with the presentation of the cloud environment, IDS standards and their connection with edge devices. The flinkey box serves as a best practice for linking edge devices and the cloud environment, which is already possible.


The implementation of the Mobility Data Space as a fully-fledged and secure environment for the mobility ecosystem is now becoming a reality. The Mobility Data Space is a secure data marketplace where partners can exchange data in a self-determined way to enable or further develop new mobility concepts.

flinkey presents a first practical use case and proves that digital can find its place in the physical world!

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