Optimize core processes and refine business models

The automotive industry is facing the challenge of digitization. On the one hand, existing core processes must be optimized and further digitized. On the other hand, new digital business models are being developed for the mobility of the future – which go far beyond driving one’s own car.

Mobility is evolving into a digital ecosystem in which previously largely separate modes of transportation are merging into a holistic service.

Networked development and production in the digital ecosystem

At the same time, technologies such as electric drives, autonomous driving and interactions with the car require a massive restructuring of the existing product range. In the future, driving will be software-driven and people-centric. In this ecosystem, digital services, connectivity and data will be linked in a secure end-to-end approach. To achieve this, competencies must be linked to form the services around a person.

Driving data-driven solutions together

How can core competencies of a group – like a digital ecosystem – be digitally mapped?

Opening & closing in the context of mobility and logistics applications can be refined by using data to create concrete solutions that map an all-encompassing overall concept.

The whole thing is driven by already existing digital ecosystems. WITTE:digital designs new digital solution models with partners right from the start.


Digital technologies form the basis for new digital products. Data, cloud and identity & access management are relevant technologies that form an overall concept by collaborating in partnership with other companies and customers in the digital n ecosystem.

Digital technologies lead to success.

In the process, the components are interconnected to form services that are person-centric in orientation and thus offer the user an attractive experience of digital and connected mobility.

An interplay of service components.

New types of digital applications can only lead to a successful business model through a networked holistic system and the constant exchange of data, and must take a customer benefit-centric view. WITTE:digital makes it possible!

A system of digital applications.