To ensure the functionality of our solutions, we use a wide range of technologies. The digital ecosystem, which is the cornerstone of our solutions, prioritizes data security and sovereignty so that data exchange can take place securely.


  1. Acquire data
  2. Receive data via International Data Space
  3. Process & handle data
  4. Obtain results
  5. Embedding the digital into the physical world




By using the IDS standard, we are enabled to exchange data across company boundaries. In this way, we can ensure the sovereign and thus the self-determined sharing of data. Business models of the future can be developed and mobility & logistics can be designed sustainably.



In order to make the applications usable in the vehicle and in the fleet, an edge is required within the vehicle.


Digital Ecosystem

Data exchange can only take place within a suitable ecosystem. This means that sustainable mobility & logistics can only be achieved together. This is because innovations in ecosystems are increasingly taking place through the exchange of data across companies. The digital ecosystem in combination with the technologies used represents a suitable basic building block for the development and use of digital applications and ensures complete data sovereignty.