About us

WITTE:digital as a driver of digital mobility solutions

Welcome to WITTE:digital – your key to digital progress in the mobility and logistics industry. As the innovation unit of WITTE Automotive, we act as a centre for collaboration and innovation that brings together various stakeholders. Our goal is to drive innovation that increases competitiveness and creates new growth opportunities. By developing new technologies, products and services, we work to improve the performance of our automotive industry and successfully overcome the challenges it faces.

Our origins

Since its foundation in 1899, WITTE Automotive has distinguished itself through outstanding creativity and innovation in the world of locking and actuation systems. Our engineering skills are reflected in our sophisticated products, which uniquely combine mechanics, electrics and electronics and are used in all renowned automotive brands.

Eye viewing digital information represented by circles and signs, background depth of field. Technology concept. 3D Rendering

Our vision

We want a collaborative and dynamic environment in the automotive industry. By bringing together different stakeholders, we strive to develop new technologies, products and services. At the same time, we value an improved customer experience, new digital business models and an optimised understanding of sustainability. Discover the future of the automotive industry with us!

With our entry into the digital age, we have evolved and established a digital unit within our company: WITTE:digital. Thanks to the close connection to our core business, we are characterised by the following points:

A DNA characterised by quality & trust with the idea of promoting sustainability.

The scaling of new digital business models in mobility and logistics.

The reliability of a traditional company as a central foundation.